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They are said to be A-List and B-List actresses of Korean Hollywood …  Do you recognize any of them?

K-Pop Sex Scandal -

‘Korean Celebrities Prostituting Themselves In China’

Koreans find it appalling that mainstream media of China are publishing photos of the K-Pop Sex Scandal involving some 37 top Korean celebrities prostituting, spurring massive criticisms from the land of Ginseng (and Kimchi – Korean spicy pickle).

At least 50 Chinese leading portals have openly published the scandalous photos under the headline “Korean female stars engaging in ‘Sex Commerce’ caught by hidden cameras.

This is not very nice … because even though Koreans are known to possess admirable technology in sexology, they’re still very much a conservative society that follows the morally upright Confucianism to the core.

According to Korean portal, a man depicted in boxer, sorry, undie is caught by the candid, again sorry, hidden cameras together with the female celebs in a hotel room. The women appears to be ‘teasing’ the man while ‘swinging’ and ‘unwinding’ … meaning stuffs that you can expect from a Lapdance club.

It is said pictures and video footage recorded by hidden cameras show there are as many as 37 Korean A-list and B-list Celebs involved in the K-Pop Sex Scandal.

I love Ginseng the #1 Tonic la Viva.

One site claims they’re able to identify a very famous A-list Korean singer with the initial ‘S’, they even publish her Wikipedia like information along with the leaked pic (no need to search, they’re all right here).

Her fans however, refuted the claim: “That can’t be our idol … She is a fake. She is made by a plastic surgeon !”

That’s pretty easy to understand …  I mean imagine you have been adoring an angelic figure all these while and all of a sudden, someone tells you she is ‘business girl’ (we call such exotica ‘xCommerce’. Personally, I wouldn’t like that … So, yes, she must be a fake !

Below is translated from Chinese portals. Pretty hilarious stuffs (if you don’t get the humor, it’s not my fault, blame Google Translator the world # 1 useless translation software … I already tried my best to edit to the best of my limited translation capability): -

When the jungle grows bigger, ultimately there will be more birds. This is not South Korea’s entertainment gossips or news, something like the suicide of Jang Ja Yeon … This is more like World War III !

The actresses are rumored to have been shot by hidden cameras, but this one is a real deal, a real big deal … In one single shot, as many as 37 celebrities are shot (hit/implicated)!

Recently, sex scandals broke out from the Korean entertainment world like widefire, you know, doing that sort of business … Okay, the xxX business or we Goodizens just call it xCommerce, something like eCommerce to eBay.

According to Netizens (not related to Goodizen, please), as many as 37 ‘candid’ photos were recorded and the sex tape alone is rumored to be as large as 107GB ! (I imagine Vivid Entertainment must have sent out their most aggressive talent scout to get their hand on this precious A-List treasure from the land of Ginseng.)

Netizens commented the sexxX romp, actually Rendezvous Exotica is simply ‘Nirvana’ grade … Simply The Best, Better Than All The Rest (remember Tina Turner ?)

‘Triple Happiness’ is the Chinese way to describe something that is totally and absolutely brilliant. So, this must be it … The 3xHappiness … Yeah !

Ever since the exposé came into the light, more and more people have come forward to speculate identity of the stars involved. It’s said (actually even agreed upon among Netizens), most of them, if not all are real life A-Listers and B-Listers of the vibrant Korean K-Pop World … Celebs of movies, concerts, dramas, soap operas etc.

The K-Pop Sex Scandal is now topic of the day all over the Far East. Apparently it’s an open secret that Korean Celebrities do engage in the xCommerce business. It’s basically a business culture there … you wanna be a star ? celeb ? TV anchor ? beauty pageant ? Or whatever role in the glamorous world of  Korea … ? The answer is simply ‘Get Laid’ … the more you get laid , the further you go. That’s how the system works, that’s how the game plays. If you’re not happy, you may try Bollywood or Hollywood. Anything other ‘wood’ including Sinowood and Ginsengwood … it’s the same old ‘Get Laid First And Then Get More …’

Other than Jang Ja Yeon who committed suicide as a result of mental breakdown due to prolong sexxX slavery, the other more prominent incident must be Chang Yoo-Kyoung – Miss Korea 2002 whose sex tape … the one showing her ‘trading skin’ with the Judge of Miss Universe … just so she’d be crowned Miss Korea/Miss Universe, is widely circulated in the Internet (still around). Wanna see ? Check out the same source that feature the X-Ray version of the star of Cathay Pacific Sex Scandal.

Here is another interesting fact: It’s also alleged the reason why there have been a sea of sex scandals flowing out of Korea is due to politics. Apparently Korea has been hard hit by all sort political problems … Corruption, mismanagement, you name it, they have it. So, the sex scandals are in a way a conspiracy by the Korean power-that-be to divert attention from the public.

Do I believe it ? Why not … ‘Keep them busy’ is always one of the best time-tested political strategies. It works most of the times, just like sex scandals.

Enough nonsense. Here you go … See if you can recognize any of the alleged Celebrities ?


Photo Credits: Various Chinese Portal

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  1. After looking at the photos above I don’t recognize any of the females. A-list or B-list? I think it’s more like a D-list of girls or not even extras.

    • Thanks. I have no idea. I have problem identifying even Jang Ja-Yeon, Chang Yoo-Kyoung or Shim Mina … I may not know them, but I do love Kimchi (not Ginseng though).

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