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Hayden Kho distraught over revoked medical license; camp mulls appeal

The Philippine Medical Association suspended Kho in 2009 from practicing his profession (Photo from Kho’s Twitter)
The Philippine Medical Association suspended Kho in 2009 from practicing his profession (Photo from Kho’s Twitter)

Philippines Sex Scandal Princess Katrina Halili back in action in Dubai refers.

MANILA, Philippines – Hayden Kho, Jr. may be on cloud nine these days, with his engagement to Dr. Vicki Belo, but he couldn’t feel the same over the decision of the Professional Regulation.

The PRC based its verdict on the November 2009 decision of its medical examinations board finding Kho guilty of immorality and unethical conduct due to the video scandal that erupted in the same year showing his sexual trysts with various women.

In a statement flashed on “Saksi” on Aug. 22, the ex-doctor turned entrepreneur admitted that the decision was “painful” and “difficult to accept.”

He further lamented that “I’m losing my medical license not because of lack of knowledge or skills or even lack of dedication to my profession.

The “Saksi” report added that Kho’s lawyers are already studying their options for appeal.

Meanwhile, Atty. Raymund Palad, legal counsel of sexy actress Katrina Halili, who was one of the women embroiled in the scandal, welcomed PRC’s decision, the same news program reported.

He deemed that the dismissal of Kho’s earlier appeal to regain his license is a “strong message that justice is still present here in our system, and that people like Hayden has no place in the medical profession.”

Although his battle to regain his license seemed to have reached its dead end—for now, Kho had at least won one battle, prevailing over the charges filed in 2009 by Halili and her camp, accusing the latter of violating Republic Act 9262, of the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act, due to the leaked videos Halili maintained were taken without consent.

Judge Rodolfo Bonifacio of the Pasig City Regional Trial Court ruled, in his decision released in December 2010, that the evidence presented by the complainant was insufficient.

The Hayden-Halili Sex Scandal

Who: Katrina Halili, a Filipina actress who was voted FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman in 2006 and 2007, and Hayden Kho Jr, celebrity doctor, model and TV star.

What: In late 2008, a sex video of Halili and Kho started appearing online and on street DVDs — it quickly spread like wildfire. The videos also showed the good-looking Kho with other women.

Then 23, Halili claimed the videos were taken without her knowledge or consent. She said she was only guilty of falling in love with Kho, according to the Manila Bulletin.

The morning after: Claims, counter claims, senate investigations and the loss of a medical license — the sex scandal had the whole nation talking for the best part of last year with court cases still continuing.

At one point the scandal involved Kho’s mother, who accused Halili of drug pushing.

In the end, Halili exacted her revenge. Her complaint led the Professional Regulation Commission to revoke Hayden’s license to practice medicine for “committing immorality as well as dishonorable and unethical conduct.” He was also suspended last September for one year by the Philippine Medical Association “for conduct offensive to the profession.”

The episode also provoked the government to pass anti-voyeurism legislation.

More juicy scandals involving Dr. Hayden Kho: -

Mariana Del Rio

Mariana Del Rio

Priscilla Meirelles

Priscilla Meirelles

Priscilla Meirelles and Mariana Del Rio (right)

Here is another Dr. Hayden Kho’s hidden camera sex video, this one involves a Brazilian model this time. According to the different media information regarding the series of Hayden Kho sex videos starting with Katrina Halili, this video was made in the same room where the Maricar Reyes video was made. Many people are really curious about the Brazilian Model and Hayden Kho sex video but the it is not that clear who she is due to the angle of the camera.

So, who is the mysterious Brazilian model in the infamous Hayden Kho’s sex video scandal collection? Some says its Mariana Del Rio from the Samba Corned beef commercial. Some have commented its more like Ariana Barouk, former Eat Bulaga host and currently on OGAGS. While others are saying it is indifferently Priscilla Meirelles, the current girlfriend of John Estrada and former Miss Earth beauty queen.

So, who is the mysterious Brazilian model in the infamous Hayden Kho’s sex video scandal collection?

Priscilla Meirelles is more popular than the other two, best known as Miss Earth 2004 and she alsomodeled for Carefree, Block & White, Nescafe and Bench. She graces the cover of several publications in the Philippines, including the local edition of Vogue Magazine and was the first to cover the 1st edition of Playboy Magazine Philippines last April 2008.

Hayden Kho’s sexploits with Brazilian Model

Vicki Belo exposes Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Sex Tape Scandal

Vicki Belo revealed what is on the infamous Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili sex tape scandal during the “Gimme Mo” segment of Mo Twister in Showbiz Central.

Vicki Belo once and for all cleared that the video of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili exists, however it was not a sex video.

“Yes, there’s a video, but it’s not what you think,” sabi ni Dra. Belo. “No, what I saw was a video that Hayden was taping Katrina [Halili]. Like, asking her a question, ‘Do you love me?’ Si Katrina naman, ‘Mahal na mahal kita,’ Belo said.

The video contains Katrina’s expression of love to Hayden, in words and not the mere sexual act. Belo however didn’t say anything about where the scandalous video was taken nor what was Katrina Halili wearing nor if she was naked.

“The line that was painful… Actually, there’s many painful, but the most painful video, the one that was masakit was: ‘Girlfriend mo lang naman siya, e. Ako, asawa mo.’ That was what Katrina said,” Belo said.

Kho Takes illness as Defense

MANILA, Philippines—Beauty doctor Hayden Kho appears to be taking the defense that his admitted “perversity” is a sickness when his lawyer Lorna Kapunan said in a radio interview that her client is undergoing “therapy and spiritual counseling.”

In an interview over dzBB, Kapunan said Kho is “really sorry” for videotaping his sexual activities with actress Katrina Halili, a patient of Belo Medical Clinic, and other women.

“He is repentant and very sorry to Ms. Halili,” she said.

Kapunan said the doctor is “voluntarily submitting” his medical license so there’s no need to cancel it.

She said Kho is also contemplating filing charges against his friend Eric Chua, who is suspected of making the videos public.

Kapunan said Kho has admitted to shooting the videos and that it was wrong to do so.

“He is trying to face his problem,” she said.

Kho with Belo in better times

Plenty of NSFW Leaked Photos & Video of Katrina Halili, Dr. Hayden Kho, Dr. Vicki Belo, Priscilla Meirelles and Mariana Del Rio etc at the Shack.

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