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(CBS) The University of North Texas (UNT) has raised a few eyebrows with the latest Twitter sex scandal. According to the North Texas Daily, a video allegedly featuring a woman receiving oral sex from three men in front of a small audience was uploaded to TwitVid. The video has been taken  down, but Twitter users are still talking about the incident.

The hash tag #UNTsextape was trending in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Tuesday. Rumors began spreading throughout the community and local radio stations began reporting on the story.

Although several tweets claimed to identify the woman in the video, there is no evidence that these allegations are true. The three other students have not been identified.

University spokesman Buddy Price stated that UNT officials are aware of the situation and it is being investigated. If identified, the students could face expulsion.

“UNT does have a code of conduct for students, which includes a chance for expulsion for any student participating in sexual misconduct or lewd behavior,” according to Shon Gables of WFAA-TV.

Reactions on Twitter have been a mix of support, shame and jokes.

“If you didn’t have anything to do with the #untsextape you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed…there actions do not represent our school,” said LLKooAJ.

Twitter user beatrixkiddo made a pointed observation, “Twitter trends in my area: untsextape, Pretty Little Liars, Jersey Shore…I am ashamed.”

There are countless scathing remarks about the woman involved in the scandal from the Twitterverse, too, which we will not be reposting. Meanwhile, not much has been said of the men in the video. Twitter user RealGordon made a good point, “My late 2 cents.. Didn’t see the #untsextape but it goes to show how strong the double standard is!”

Twitter was launched in July of 2006. Since then, the real-time communications service has garnered 200 million users. TwitVid is a video upload service that is independent of Twitter.

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