Pippa Middleton Joins This Week’s Parade of Wardrobe Malfunctions

Not to be outdone by peasant celebrities, Pippa Middleton, royal sibling of Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge has done what is expected will happen all along … Wardrobe Malfunction !

That makes us wonder why this royal gal rejected the offer from Vivid Entertainment to make a movie ?  More details of the porno offer hereunder.

A Royal Guide to Successful Upskirt Stunt

Royal horror: Pippa Middle got into an upskirt photo situation at London Fashion Week. 
Pippa Middleton Upskirt Panty Flash


What is Upskirt ?


Upskirt refers to the practice of making unauthorized photographs under a female’s skirt, capturing an image of her crotch area and underwear. The term “upskirt” can also refer to a video, illustration or photograph which incorporates the upskirt image. The term is also sometimes used to refer generically to any voyeur photography – i.e. catching an image of somebody unawares in a private moment.

The practice is regarded as a form of sexual fetishism or voyeurism and is similar in nature to downblouse. The ethical and legal issue relating to upskirt and downblouse photography is one of a reasonable expectation of privacy, even in a public place. The victims of the practice are almost exclusively females, including teenage girls. Some women feel harassed or humiliated when they realise that they have been a victim of the practice. This is especially the case when such images have already been disseminated on the Internet and they are identifiable.

Pippa Entertaining Endorsement Deals

Is Vivid Movie On Her List?

Pippa Middleton’s sudden popularity has led to an avalanche of endorsement offers from companies of all kinds. According to Fox News, Pippa stands to make millions on some of these endorsement deals.

If she chooses wisely, she could be financially set for life.

One company, Vivid Entertainment, famous for its adult movie of celebrity mistresses and other women who have slept with famous cheating men, offered Pippa $5 million to star in one of its adult films.

Producer offers Pippa Middleton $5 million to star in porno

Pippa Middleton, sister of royal newlywed Kate Middleton, has been offered $5 million dollars to make a porno by the same adult entertainment company that has a standing $5 million offer for the leaked video of John Edwards performing Adam & Eve acts on his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

TMZ and the New York Daily News report that Steven Hirsch, president of Vivid Entertainment, has sent Pippa a letter stating that he is willing to pay her $5 million to star in just one scene in one of his company’s upcoming adult movie.

Hirsch will even allow Pippa to film the scene with the sex partner of her choice.

Vivid, the leading producer of adult video films, released a number of adeult movies starring celebrity mistresses (Brittney Jones, Mindy McCready) and other high profile female celebrities, including the Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson, and Kim Kardashian.

Hirsch states in his letter to Pippa Middleton that while watching a broadcast of the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, he was impressed by her “beauty and attitude” and thought she could be a successful adult celebrity.

Hirsch wasn’t the only one impressed.

Pippa Middleton’s popularity soared overnight as she came to the public’s attention during the wedding of Prince William and her older sister, Kate.

Pippa Middleton captivated millions of people who admired her grace, poise, and her trim figure in her form-fitting white Sarah Burton gown, as she served as Kate’s maid of honor during the royal wedding.

Kate and Pippa Middleton’s Brother Gets Million Dollar Porno Offer Too

James Middleton, Kate and Pippa Middleton’s younger brother has not gone unnoticed.

Prince William’s brother-in-law has captured his share of public attention, too.

As part of Pippa Middleton’s $5 million dollar porno deal, Hirsch stated that he was also willing to throw in an extra $1 million if Pippa wanted to bring her brother, James Middleton, along so he could star in a separate adult scene of his own.

Pippa is said to be seriously considering some of the more legitimate of these offers. It remains to be seen which endorsement offers will Pippa choose to associate her name with, and which ones will she reject?

Some of Pippa’s sexier images: -

As the sister of Kate Middleton, the newly appointed Duchess of Cambridge, and the sister-in-law of Prince William, Pippa will have to carefully guard her reputation.

From this point on, anything Pippa says or does will reflect positively or negatively on the Royal Family.

If she’s not careful, Pippa could inadvertently find herself associated with a company like Vivid and its stable of celebrity mistresses, which embarrassed her with its $5 million porno offer,, and indirectly sullied her name.

How Vivid’s Porno Offer Triggered the Royal Family’s Sensitivity to Infidelity

Because of Prince Charles’ 30-year affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he later married, the Royal Family is especially sensitive to anything even remotely connecting anyone from the House of Windsor with infidelity, mistresses, cheating married men, and extramarital affairs.

Vivid may have thought that by offering Pippa $5 million to star in one of their adult movie, they were paying her a compliment of the highest order. Instead their offer may have had the opposite effect.

It has been hotly debated whether or not Vivid sullied Pippa’s name by associating her with their reputation for making adult movie starring celebrity mistresses, and other women who’ve slept, even briefly with famous married men.

As far as we know, Pippa hasn’t really been the mistress of any married men, so it’s safe to say that she’s ruled Vivid Entertainment’s offer out.

That also rules out the possibility of Pippa endorsing online dating sites for married men who want to cheat, like Ashley Madison or Illicit Encounters, it’s British counterpart – not that they’ve asked.

But Pippa has plenty of respectable endorsement offers to entertain.

Pippa Overwhelmed with Legitimate Endorsement Offers

Fox News points out that Pippa has been besieged with offers that range from speaking engagements, to requests to represent clothing, fragrances and the hospitality and travel industry.

There are a number of products for which Pippa might be a good fit, including perfume, women’s clothing, make-up, a line of girl’s dolls – to name just a few.

Like the sudden popularity of Elin Nordegren who became known worldwide as a result of the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, Pippa Middleton’s’ sudden popularity has made her a household name.

But unlike Elin Nordegren, who declined to accept any of the endorsement offers that came her way, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Pippa is giving serious thought to some of the more legitimate endorsement offers she has received.

Pippa Considering PR Firm to Help Her Make Right Choice

Having already seen the media circus which resulted from public’s sudden interest in her not-so-topless pictures, the semi-nudie candid photos of her brother James Middleton , and the multi-million porno offers she and James received, Pippa is fully aware that she will have to make a careful choice.

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