Scandalous Sex, Drug & Fetish Allegations Against Sarah Palin

  • She has a fetish for black men
  • Cheated her husband – Had a one-night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice and,
  • Had six-month long affair with her husband’s business partner, Brad Hanson
  • She and hubby regularly used to snort cocaine and smoke marijuana while snowmobiling

Should Politicians’ Sex Lives Be Fodder for Public Rebuke ?


A new book about Tea Party darling Sarah Palin reports the “pitbull with lipstick” had a “fetish for Black men” in her early 20s, a fever that led to a tryst with former NBA player Glen Rice.

Sarah Palin has a fetish for black men, snorted cocaine with her husband and cheated on her husband with a basketball player named Glen Rice according to the DailyMail,

Sarah Palin snorted cocaine off a 55-gallon oil drum, and cheated on her husband with his business partner and a basketball player, a bombshell book is to claim.

The former Republican vice-presidential contender also allegedly smoked marijuana while she was a student and is now a ‘bad mother’ who neglects her children.

‘In the first 20 pages, you learn of Sarah’s propensity for sleeping naked on high school athletic trips and McGinniss labels Todd a “racist bully”,’ said the source.

According to the Daily Caller, former Alaska beauty pageant winner and the tiny village’s once Republican Mayor, Sarah Palin, is about to take center stage again, this time with her very own sex and drugs scandal.

According to a new book by author and one time neighbor to the Palin family, Joe McGinniss, Palin and her husband, Todd, aren’t all they seem. The books alleges, among other things, that Palin has a fetish for black men, once had a one-night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice and a six-month long affair with her husband’s business partner, Brad Hanson. It further alleges that the Palins got married because of an “oopsie-daisy” pregnancy and that the couple regularly used to snort cocaine and smoke marijuana while snowmobiling.

The report also claims that in 1987 Mrs Palin spent a night with Glen Rice, a 6ft 7in basketball star. At the time she was already in a relationship with Todd, but allegedly continued to chat on the phone with Rice up until she got married nine months later.

McGinniss is also understood to repeat claims that Mrs Palin had a six-month affair with Brad Hanson, her husband’s business partner, in 1996.

It seems that we are in no shortage of politicians who act like honest to goodness human beings. From Anthony Weiner’s wiener, to Larry Craig’s “wide stance,” Bill Clinton’s cigar, and the notorious philandering of other beloved presidents, it seems that scandal is never very far behind when politicians ply their craft.

So what is one to make about the allegations of bad behavior on the part of the former small town beauty-queen-turned-tea-party favorite? The answer is… nothing! Not a thing! Zilch! Nada! Leave it alone!

Not only is it Penthouse-Forum-convenient (I smell a rat) that the sexiest female politician in 200 years would be embroiled in such allegations, but it also doesn’t matter. Seriously. When it comes to choosing a president, (and, let’s face it, Palin is running) I don’t actually care if the president of the United States has regular copulation with the entire offensive line of the Detroit Lions. All I care about are her politics. Palin fails on a political level so badly that I can’t be bothered to care about her sex life, and if the tables were turned and she was the greatest political mind in history, I still wouldn’t care about her sex life.

We have to stop dropping politicians on the basis of the fact that now and again we find out that they are human, and that sometimes they like their sex a little kinky and their drugs a bit illegal. Is Congress a better place because Weiner is no longer in office? Did former Senator Craig’s resignation make Congress a better body? No. We have to get past this idea, as a nation that a politician has to be a Puritan in order to represent his or her constituents wisely and effectively. I don’t get what Weinergate had to do with whether or not Rep. Weiner brought a valuable mind to the U.S. Congress. Bill Clinton did some of his best work as president while getting a little on the side.

The upcoming book by Joe McGinniss will likely have a profound impact on Palin’s viability as a candidate, but it feels like a hollow victory. We need to stop digging up dirt on our politicians, and instead focus on what they have to say. Their sex lives don’t matter.

On a related note

Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s husband, in sex scandal with massage therapist Shailey Tripp: Enquirer

The National Enquirer is reporting that Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, is embroiled in a sex scandal involving an extramarital affair with a massage therapist who has been “busted for prostitution.”

The Enquirer claims it has unearthed official documents showing 36-year-old Shailey Tripp was arrested for maintaining a house of prostitution in March and that cops have confiscated physical evidence that could tie Todd to the alleged affair.

The tabloid did not disclose when the alleged rendezvous took place or what evidence was seized by police.

The Palins, who have previously been dogged by cheating allegations in 2008 and 2009 and have vehemently denied each and every accusation, though they have not commented on the Enquirer story.

Shailey Tripp, is shown on the left, according to the tabloid. (National Enquirer)

In the same Jan. 31 issue in which the National Enquirer reports the Palin scoop, it also reports that Jennifer Aniston has a drinking problem and President Obama is stick-thin because he has stomach parasites.

Still, the tabloid broke the story of the biggest political scandal since Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, when it reported ex-VP and presidential candidate John Edwards’ affair with a campaign videographer.

The Palin story, writes the tabloid, began after several media outlets received an anonymous e-mail from claiming Tripp had an affair with Todd, which eventually led to Tripp’s arrest in March 2010.

“According to the tenants in the building of her offices, they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex,” the e-mail read.

A woman by the name Shailey Tripp is listed as a massage therapist in Wasilla, Alaska. Calls to the listed phone number were not returned.

The Enquirer claims its investigation revealed that Tripp, 36, was arrested on March 4 in Anchorage and charged with having a house of prostitution.

Tripp pleaded no contest on June 13, 2010, according to the tabloid and has a sentencing date set for June 15, 2011.

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