Cathay Pacific Sex Scandal: The Pilot Is 'Scott Maxwell' ?

by Ted Torrence A tipster claims name of the pilot is ‘Scott Maxwell’ We doubt it because according insider information, the pilot or rather the male ‘Pawn Star’ is an Australian from Downunder, has a fetishhh for racing (we doubt he is a competitive racer), married but still loves to bonk around and particularly loves to eat … Read More

Cathay Pacific Sex Scandal - Does Inflight Sex pose any threat to aviation safety ?

Breaking Airborne Scandal by Ted Torrence, New question arises if incident like the Cathay Pacific pilot and the flight attendant having a knobber while aircraft is airborne poses any threat to aviation safety or not ? CATHAY Pacific Airlines has been keeping a secret, allegedly … Is the ‘Pilot’ a member of their crew – or is he a passenger on a themed … Read More

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